Our Amazing Girl


I will write more about our whole birth experience with Madeline very soon. There are so many details I want to make sure I write down and preserve forever. For now, I will just say that for every way our experience last time was bad we have had an all together different and amazing experience with our sweet girl this time. From a doctor who gave us the ability to have complete faith in her, a hospital that has done an exceptional job with our care, and a nursing staff who is patient and amazingly supportive and encouraging. I can’t get over how 360 degrees different this birth experience has been.


As I’m sitting here, warm from the heat of Madeline resting on my chest as I’m feeding our precious girl, I am overwhelmed with the love and support that we have in our community of family and friends. You all have been nothing short of amazing and I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love for you all.


Today, we will be bringing our sweet girl home with us. This is a day, that honestly, I was hesitant to think about too much. We planned. We prepped. We are more than ready to have our baby in our home, but at the same time there was always an underlying current of fear and worry about whether this day would ever get here.


Thankfully, God has very much blessed us with this beautiful day today.


As we begin this next chapter of our story I hope you will all stick around and support us through this stage of parenting and the difficult task of parenting after loss. It won’t always be easy (probably more often than not it will be filled with two very confused new parents), but we will cherish each and every moment along the way.


Oh, and I promise thre will be lots of pictures along the way.


1 thought on “Our Amazing Girl”

  1. She is absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. Congratulations!! I have such joy for you because I know exactly how you feel. I’m so happy for you and your new sweet girl. Joshua must be so proud looking over you all and his sweet face will certainly never be forgotten. Take care and enjoy your new love!!!


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