37 Week Bump


No joke, today feels like a HUGE milestone!

For one, we made it to April! With Joshua we had a May due date, but only made it to February, so making it to the month of Madeline’s due date feels amazing. That was the one thing I kept telling our doctor at the beginning, that I was simply going to refuse to have this baby before April. Now, here we are – in April!

Secondly, today we are 37 weeks! 37 weeks = term – It actually equaled “full term” up until last December when they redefined it, all the same it feels incredible knowing that we are at such a safe (if there really is such a thing) place in this pregnancy. After only making it to 29 weeks before – 37 feels like a major accomplishment.

Only 8 days left to go and then this little baby girl of ours will be in our arms, where she belongs. Please keep praying that these next 8 days go by smoothly and safely. I’m certain that we could not have gotten through these last 9 months without all of the amazing love and support we have felt from all of you. Your prayers mean the world to us. We can’t wait to introduce our sweet girl to you all next week. 

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