34 Week Bump


Confession.  I was on partial bedrest the last couple of weeks.  At my appointment the Monday after Joshua’s birthday and anniversary of his passing, my blood pressure was up a bit.  It was a stressful weekend full of a lot of tears and just far too much emotion for this pregnant girl to handle.  All of my other labwork came back great and there were no signs of pre-eclampsia, just the one incident of high blood pressure (at home it has been fine – higher than it was, but still fine), but my OB wanted to take the “better safe than sorry” approach and kept me off of work for a couple of weeks just to help me relax and allow me to de-stress a bit.  All is well now, and I’m back at work full-time.  We are doing twice weekly NSTs (non-stress tests) now which are overall pretty boring, but Maddy does a good job of accelerating her heart rate like they want and so they go very quickly.

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