1 Year

My Dear Joshua Patrick,

My sweet boy, oh how I miss you and wish you were here with us today.  I would have baked you your very first birthday cake and laughed as you smeared the blue and white frosting across your face as you tried to mash the vanilla cake into your open mouth with your tiny hand.  The house would have been filled with colorful balloons and lots of family.  We would have smiled as you tried to rip the wrapping paper off of your presents.  I have no doubt that your daddy would have picked out every Batman and Ninja Turtle toy in the store.  I would snap 100s of pictures of your sweet smiling face.  It would have been a beautiful day – a day I would always want to cherish.
Instead I sit here and cry and try and imagine what you would look like today.  It is so hard to imagine that it has already been one whole year since you entered this world of ours.  I pray that you are enjoying a birthday cake baked by your Great Grandma Jones today and that you are celebrating with our family and friends that we dearly miss.
As we sit here, getting ready to bring your little sister into this world, I pray that you will continue to watch over us.  You will always be our sweet baby boy.  Our first born.  Our dearly loved and very much missed son.
Happy birthday, sweet boy.  I love you more!

1 thought on “1 Year”

  1. Thinking of you. I lost my triplets May 2nd 2015. a week later “celebrated” my first mothers day.

    I’m sure you are in a slightly better place, but the pain is never far away. sending hugs and if you would like to read my story…


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