30 Week Bump


Doctor’s appointment went great this morning! Blood pressure is good. No signs of protein or swelling or any other pre-e symptoms. I’m measuring right at 30 weeks and her heartbeat was perfect at 131. We have an ultrasound scheduled for next Monday just so we can see how big she is getting. I cannot get over how much different I feel this time around. I just feel so much healthier and have so much more energy than I did last time. It’s also great to have a doctor who actually seems to care about us and takes the time to answer every question and lets us get extra ultrasounds, not because they are concerned about anything, but simply because I asked and she said we deserve an extra peek at Maddy. 

We have officially passed a very bittersweet milestone as Joshua was born at 29 weeks. So many thoughts and emotions are floating through my brain these days. What I know is this, it is possible to be both intensely happy and incredibly sad in the very same moment. Please keep praying that these next 8 weeks go by smoothly and quickly.

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