24 Week Bump

We are 24 weeks as of yesterday! For many of you, who have had babies or are pregnant, you may know that 24 weeks is a major milestone. It is the week of viability. Basically, that means that from this point on, whenever baby girl decides to come, she had a fighting chance. Now, as many of you, who know our story or have a story of your own, know those statistics don’t really mean that much at the end of the day, but all the same, 24 weeks is still an exciting place to be.

These next few weeks, getting past 29 weeks, is going to be a huge thing for us, and so lots and lots of prayers are appreciated.

We had a doctor’s appointment on Monday. My blood pressure is still doing great and the baby is measuring right where she should be. My doctor was actually sick, so we didn’t linger with too many questions this time. Originally, she had wanted me to start every two week appointments at this point, but she said we can go ahead and wait one more month on those if we would like since everything is looking so good. I had some blood work and urine tests done to determine a baseline for watching protein levels later on. I will be doing my glucose test and some pre-eclampsia labs at my next appointment. The only other interesting thing from this appointment was that I was down 5 pounds from the previous month. Which means I’m down around 10 pounds from the start of the pregnancy. Doctor is not concerned so neither am I. As long as baby is growing that’s all that matters.


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