To wake up every day with out your precious child is one of (if not the absolute most) the most painful things that a person can ever experience.

To wake up every day and have faith that God is still there in the midst of the hurt, the pain, the grief and the ache takes a lot of strength.
Last year on December 14, 2012 I, like the most of the rest of the world, was shocked, angered, and deeply saddened by the reports on the news.  My heart broke for every child that had endured such a horrific fate.  My heart ached thinking of those parents, most I’m sure with presents wrapped under the tree waiting for their child to return home from school like any other day.  I couldn’t imagine their pain.
I gently stroked my growing belly and told Joshua that I loved him and that I would always protect him, while knowing full well that no one can really predict or prevent a tragedy like what had happened at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Still, I vowed to do what I could to ensure he would always be safe.
It was just a little more than two months later that I would get a taste of the pain that those parents experienced that awful morning.  I’ve been trying my best to change the channel and avoid the anniversary coverage of that day.  The thought of so many little innocent children being lost is really more than this grief-ridden momma can bear.
But this video.  The title, “Evil did not win.”   I pushed play. I needed to hear this message.  I needed to hear that these parents, who are still deeply hurting at the loss of their beautiful daughter, still believe that God is in control.  That the Good in this world still outweighs the Evil.  That hope is still an active part of their lives.
Today I remember those little souls who I know are waiting in Heaven for the day they are reunited with their parents and brothers and sisters.  And today I say an extra prayer for those left behind.  I understand the pain is great and today will be a difficult day of remembering your beautiful children.  Please also know this, Emilie’s mom is right, in the end, evil does not win.  Lives are being changed because of your sweet children.  Their lives, though far too short, mattered and will continue to matter.  Just as you will never forget their precious smiles, their lives will remembered by many.
In Loving Memory and Honor of:
Charlotte Bacon
Daniel Barden
Olivia Engel
Josephine Gay
Ana M. Marquez-Greene
Dylan Hockley
Madeleine F. Hsu
Catherine V. Hubbard
Chase Kowalski
Jesse Lewis
James Mattioli
Grace McDonnell
Emilie Parker
Jack Pinto
Noah Pozner
Caroline Previdi,
Jessica Rekos
Avielle Richman
Benjamin Wheeler
Allison N. Wyatt
Take a moment and hug your children today.  Be grateful for the messes they make, the middle of the night cries that keep you awake. Each second you get with your child, even if is only in the womb, is precious.  Say an extra prayer for the parents of these 20 children who face the awful task of continue to live after their children died.

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