21 Week Bump

We are 21 weeks as of yesterday! We had our Level 2 ultrasound on Monday. Basically it was exactly like the anatomy scan we had with Josh except it was done at the perinatologist’s office instead of at my regular OB appointment.

We were told that everything is looking great. Baby girl (Yes, she is still a girl. We had them double check. I think we are still shocked that we are actually having a girl. It is a rare thing in the Denney family.) is looking perfect (doctor’s words).

Heart rate was 145 and she is currently measuring at 12 ounces. All of her measurements were right at where they should be for 21 weeks with the exception of her arms and legs which are measuring a bit ahead at 22 weeks. They said she will probably just have long arms and legs like her daddy. :) Patrick still insists that she has my nose. She really has the sweetest little profile.


Overall it was a great appointment. My blood pressure is still behaving and I’m feeling really good. Next OB appointment is at the end of the month and then we start every two week appointments. We will be doing a fetal echocardiogram at 26 weeks since we don’t know why we lost Josh, my doctor’s want to rule out any possible congenital heart issues.

We are just staying positive and counting the weeks and days until April.


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