20 Week Bump

We are 20 weeks (yesterday)! We have officially reached the halfway point in this pregnancy.

We had our 20 week appointment this morning. My blood pressure is still doing good and there is no sign of protein. I still haven’t gained any weight, but the doctor is okay with it so long as the baby keeps growing. The baby’s heart rate was 143 which the doctor said was perfect. It took her a minute to get a good reading since baby girl kept moving so much. She would let us hear it for a second and then she would move away. The doctor kept saying, “Well, I hear her moving. She just won’t stay still.” She told us we are going to have a very active little baby. Oh, I sure hope so! :)

We talked a lot about c-section vs. VBAC and our risks either way. At this point I’m still pretty confident that I want to schedule a repeat c-section. I know that a lot of women would probably make a different decision, but a lot of those same women already have at least one baby safely in their arms. For me, for us, we feel that a repeat c-section is the path with the least risks. At the end of the day I’m a little bummed that I may never get to have the natural birth that I had wanted, but the most important thing to me is getting the baby here safe and sound. The doctor still says that if I go into labor on my own before our scheduled c-section then she sees no reason I can’t attempt a VBAC while being closely monitored for rupture. So for now, that is the plan.


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