Nervous Excitement

Two days until we have our next OB appointment and ultrasound. One of the only benefits of being considered “high risk” is monthly ultrasounds and eventually bi-weekly. We love getting extra opportunities to see our little one.

This Thursday’s ultrasound is extra special since the tech told us last time that she would be able to tell us gender at 16 weeks. To say we are excited about this is an understatement. I’ve already told Patrick I want to go shopping Thursday night.

Considering we already have about 80% of the “big” items we need, I’m anxious to buy the little things. The blankets, the clothes, and if it’s a girl lots of bows!

Truly all we want is happy and healthy, but I will say that if this little one is a girl, she is going to be dressed in so many ruffles and bows.

I was a very girly girl. As evidenced by the following:


My mom actually saved a lot of these dresses. I’m pretty excited about the idea of seeing my own little girl wearing them someday. I will dress our daughter in ruffles and bows until she is old enough to tell me to stop. :)

By this time Thursday we will know who this little wiggling one is. Boy or girl, they will be loved beyond measure.

P.S. Don’t expect to find out on Thursday. We are telling are family on Sunday so the big blog announcement will happen early next week.

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