Halloween – Tricks and Treats

We have our orange pumpkin full of candy ready and waiting for the neighborhood kiddos to come knock on the door.

I’m actively trying to ignore the thoughts in my head.

As usual, it’s not really working.

Last year I wore a skeleton shirt with a baby skeleton on the tummy.

The very first outfit I ever bought for Josh was a pair of Halloween pajamas.

We had about 10 different plans for Halloween costumes for our first born.

Sometimes I can smile at these memories.

Sometimes they just hurt.

This should have been our little pumpkin’s first Halloween. We planned on taking Josh over to his grandparents’ houses. Showing off his cute little costume and making memories.

Instead, we’ll stay home. We’ll pass out candy and try not to focus on the memories we’ll never make…

Next year will be better…I pray.

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