Big News


Patrick and I are excited (and terrified) to announce that we are expecting our precious little rainbow in April 2014.

There are a million and one thoughts rolling through my brain regarding this pregnancy. I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m nervous. I’m hopeful. I’m calm. I’m overwhelmed. I’m everything all at once.

This has been one of the main reasons I have been silent on the blog lately. I’ve had so much I wanted to say, but we weren’t quite ready to make the news public yet.

Overwhelmingly, we are thrilled.

A pregnancy after a loss is of course a terrifying endeavor, but we are filled with hope that things will be different this time. We are both much stronger today than we were before. We are wiser and we will not allow the same mistakes to happen again. Doctors will be questioned regarding every decision, because we have learned that they don’t always know best.

Naturally, this blog will be evolving. While we are very much still grieving and coping with the loss of our son, Joshua, we are now going to be shifting part of the focus to handling a pregnancy after loss.

Your love, support, and prayers have meant everything to us over these last 7 months and we will continue to need them as we move forward in this journey.


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