Faith Sustains


When everything else has been torn from us, we are left with nothing but our faith. It is our faith that sustains us. It is our faith that strengthens us. It is our faith that gets us through each day.

In the last seven months I have had everything I hoped for, dreamed of, and believed in ripped out from under me, turned upside down, and completely rearranged. I often refer to my life now as a journey. This journey is long and I know there will be a lot of bumps along the way. I hope and pray that the biggest one is already behind us. I pray that the road ahead is easier to navigate than this past year. I know that we will face many trials in our time on this earth, but I also know that we will be okay.

These last 7 months have proven to me that Patrick and I can survive anything life throws at us. Our love has deepened. Our bond has strengthened. I think in times of tragedy you have two options to run away or to stand up and fight. We have fought (but not with each other). We have become even closer through our shared grief. We have taken turns being the shoulder to cry on, the rock to lean on. Where I am weakest, he is strong. We pull each other up and provide love and support when it is needed the most.

Now, as we are heading down this road of pregnancy again, it our our love for each other and our faith in God that is the most important.  At the end of the day, faith in love is all we have and if you ask me, that’s quite a lot.

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