Yesterday I was home sick from work. World’s worst migraine was in full force. At work, my office is up front by the door, so if I’m out, someone has to sit up there to greet people as they come in and sign for deliveries and such. No big deal. Any way, I get in this morning and the first thing I see is this:


Someone, I’m pretty sure I know who, turned my photo of Josh around. Now, I’m sorry if seeing MY SON makes you uncomfortable, but I found what they did completely offensive. My son was beautiful. My son was adorable. My son was a living breathing baby and you treated him like he was something disgusting and dirty that you didn’t want to look at. I’m so angry today. Even if you felt the need to do that at least you could have put it back.

I mean really, how offensive is this photo:


He just looks like a sleeping newborn.

This is why I write this blog. This is why I support organizations like Faces of Loss and Still Standing. This is why I get behind movies and films like Return to Zero and the Still Project. Pregnancy and baby loss happens to 1 in 4. It’s not rare. People are scared to talk about it, because others make us feel like lepers and outcasts because of something that is completely out of our control.

One of my friends had her Facebook photo reported as offensive because it was a photo of their precious little girl that they lost. It makes me sick that people can be so heartless and cruel. These are our children. Our babies who we treasure and love very much. If that bothers you, too bad. I will continue to talk about my son. I will continue to share his beautiful face because he mattered. There are too many babies who have been lost with no photographs for their parents to cherish. There are too many parents who have suffered their grief in silence for too many years because it is not socially acceptable to discuss dead babies. Too many moms that were sent home from the hospital with empty arms and broken hearts and told that it was best to just move on and forget it ever happened. Those babies, those moms and dads are why I speak. All babies matter. From the moment if conception, they matter.

1 thought on “Irritated”

  1. I am so sorry you
    had to experence that.,someone was so stupid, I hope you told them to leacve your stuff a lone..


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