So this happened…


Saturday morning I went to the Farmer’s Market and bought all kinds of yummy veggies. I came home and made homemade salsa and veggie pizza. That night I proceeded to throw up (TMI) everything that I had eaten that day. Not fun. I had been feeling a little “off” for the past few days:  nauseous, super tired, crampy, etc. So, Sunday morning I decided to POS just to check. There was a very faint blue line (I had used a cheap Target brand test). Well, Patrick wasn’t convinced since the line was so faint, despite the fact that I was up sick all night, so we went out and bought a First Response test. Now, honestly, my period (again with the TMI, but I’ve decided to go for full disclosure here) wasn’t due until the 17th, so I was testing way early. I decided to wait and take the new test this morning. Well, there was no denying that line.

Basically, we are super excited, but also super nervous and scared. I already called my OB and she wants me to see the perinatologist for the first appointment, so they are supposed to call me with an appointment time.

I plan on keeping this blog going. I will be blogging about pregnancy, specifically pregnancy after loss a lot. I will still talk a lot about Josh and the process of grief, but now I will also share how we are handling this next chapter of our lives. Hopefully, sometime next April this will turn into a parenting blog! I will be blogging these pregnancy posts in private for awhile, but I want to write them as they come and as things are happening right now. In a few weeks, after we tell our family and friends I will be setting these all to public so if you are seeing this now then we have made our big announcement and you are now able to go back and read what has been going on in the Denney House for the past few weeks.

I’ve said it before, but now more than ever we covet your prayers!

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