Snapshots: Week in Review



We had a busy, but fun week.



We got ready for the 4th with too many sparklers and a lot of stuff to “blow up.”


Spent some time out at my sister’s house.  You can see horses from their backyard.



Saw a double rainbow…



Got my first Origami Owl locket.  <3



Sophie pretending to be confused as to why I’m telling her to get off the sofa…




Summer means grilling out and lots of fresh veggies.



Our poor pup was scared of the loud thunder and came running over to us for some extra cuddles.  Patrick didn’t mind.



We sat through a 2 hour 37 minute rain delay at the Royals game on Wednesday.  Luckily our seats were protected from the rain by the upper deck.



The rain finally ended and we got to watch a great game.  LOVE this man!



A rain delay, injury delay, and  a delay win the lights went out equaled a Royals WIN after 1 a.m. and meant we started the 4th with fireworks!!!



Fireworks!  The fireworks were all set to patriot songs, except for one non-patriotic song… Home by Phillip Phillips.  I tried not to cry.  (I failed.)



We came home to a heart shaped leaf by our front door.  I like to think it was a little sign from Josh that he enjoyed the game too.




My contribution to the 4th of July dinner.  Pineapple and Watermelon Stars…



Pasta Salad…


and 7-layer dip (oh and homemade ice cream too, but I forgot to take a photo of that.)

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday yesterday.  The holidays always seem a little bittersweet to us now, but overall it was a good day with family and lots of pretty fireworks.  I’m saving my fireworks photos for another post since I did something kinda coo with theml. ;)




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