Recipe: Chicken Salad in Cucumber Cups


Since tomorrow is the official start of Summer and since it is hot outside.  I thought I would share one of my favorite little appetizer, honestly they make a really good lunch, treats.  Aren’t they pretty and really they are so easy.

Chicken Salad in Cucumber Cups


Chicken Salad


2 Chicken Breasts (boneless, skinless)

4-5 Green Onions (green tops only)

1-2 stalks Celery

¼ cup chopped or sliced almonds

¼ – ½ cup Mayonnaise

¼ – ½ cup Sour Cream

1 tbl Herbes de Provence (can use Italian Herbs) – Totally not necessary, but I like the flavor it adds.  I use fresh parsley, basil, or dill when I have it available.

½  Garlic Salt (you can add more if you like)

Black Pepper (to taste)

2-3 Cucumbers

Parsley and/or paprika to make it pretty



Boil your chicken breast in salted water.  Set aside and let cool.

Chop onions and celery.  Shred or finely chop chicken.

Stir together mayonnaise, sour cream, and seasonings.  Add in chicken, onions, celery, and almonds.

Slice your cucumbers into fairly thick slices. Usually, I like to take a vegetable peeler and peal part of the skin before I slice them to give them a striped look – totally optional.

Take a small cookie or melon scoop and scrape out the “meat” of the cucumber.  Be careful not to go to deep.  You want to make sure there is enough on the sides and the bottom to actually hold the chicken salad.

Using the same scoop, scoop the chicken salad into the pretty little cucumber cups.  Garnish with parsley or paprika or both.  Go crazy.

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