Snapshots – The Past Week in Photos



Watermelon Margarita



Sign I found at Michaels.  I love it when Joshua shows up.



Getting the mail in should not be such a painful reminder.


I will forever hate filling out medical forms.  The numbers don’t add up right.


The first book I read after we lost Josh was Angie Smith’s, I Will Carry You.  Hoping this one can provide some much needed healing.


And Sophie, just cause she’s too cute.

3 thoughts on “Snapshots – The Past Week in Photos”

  1. I Will Carry You is one of the songs that has gotten me through many dark days since my baby passed. I didn’t know it was a book as well! I am excited to look into it now! I have heard very good things about Mended, and hope to hear how you like it as well :)


    1. I loved I Will Carry You. I cried the entire time I read it, but that was only because so many times it felt like she was speaking exactly what was on my heart. The song is beautiful.


  2. I was having a very hard time finding books on losing a child. I just found one that I’m starting to read, “empty cradle, broken heart”. I’m going to look into getting “I will carry you”.
    And Sophie is adorbable. She reminds me of my old English Springer a little.


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