How it Was Supposed to Be



Yesterday I blogged over at Return to Zero – Missouri.




For most couples, seeing those two pink lines appear is a time of great joy.  You immediately start thinking of what the next 9 months has in store.  You pick out names.  You read books about what to expect.  You buy baby clothes.  You plan.  What you don’t do is think that those clothes will go unworn.  You don’t think that name will become a source of great sorrow.  There isn’t a book that you could read that will prepare you for what could happen next.  For some of us baby showers give way to funerals.  Nurseries remain empty, lullabies go unsung, hearts break, and dreams crumble into a million pieces.  For 1 in 4 those two pink lines will cause heartache…

Read the rest at Return To Zero – Missouri.

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