Summer 2013 Bucket List

I’ve decided to try and make the best of this summer since obviously my original plans for this year are not going to happen…  So, I’m making a list of some of the things I want to do this summer.  Anyone else have any summer bucket list things they are planning or that we should add to our list?

  1. Go to as many Royals games as we can.
  2. Head out of town for a weekend road trip or two or three.
  3. Go to Powell Gardens and take way too many photos of all the pretty flowers.
  4. Go to Worlds of Fun and try and convince Patrick to ride a roller coaster.
  5. Go to the Kemper and the Nelson Atkins art museums and just wander around staring at all of the beautiful works of art.
  6. Plan something special and amazing to celebrate Patrick on Father’s Day.
  7. Plan something equally amazing and awesome to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.
  8. Go to the zoo with our nephew, Mason.
  9. Plant a flower garden.
  10. Volunteer.
  11. Go fishing.
  12. Go see a drive-in movie.
  13. Have a Girls Night/Pinterest Party.
  14. Paint the front door blue.
  15. Swim.
  16. Take more photos.
  17. Make a scrapbook of our first 3 years together.
  18. Write more.
  19. Read more.
  20. Get registered to take classes in the Fall.
  21. Go to a concert.
  22. Go to Starlight.
  23. Have a picnic at the park where Patrick proposed under “our tree.”
  24. Write letters.
  25. Cook at least one new recipe every week.
  26. Roast marshmallows.
  27. Watch fireworks.
  28. Go to a casino.
  29. Go go-karting.
  30. Visit an arcade.
  31. Discover new music to fall in love with.
  32. Have a BBQ cookout for the whole family.
  33. Make snow cones.
  34. Paint something.
  35. Take flowers to a nursing home.
  36. Take books to Children’s Mercy.
  37. Do at least one random act of kindness each month in honor of Joshua.
  38. Have a garage sale.
  39. Go mini-golfing.
  40. Go bowling.
  41. Try at least one new thing every month.
  42. Clean up our deck and sun porch so we can use them more.
  43. Make a scrapbook for Joshua.
  44. Submit one of my short stories for publication.
  45. Weekly date nights with Patrick.
  46. Find a rainbow…
  47. Visit all the KC Fountains.
  48. Visit the aquarium.
  49. Visit the Liberty Memorial Museum.
  50. Love deeply.

5 thoughts on “Summer 2013 Bucket List”

  1. Love this!! You know, you could accomplish at least two of these in one weekend by road tripping to Des Moines to see us and we could take you to the casino where are friends race their horses. We could also spend some time with the beautiful horses at their ranch. Just a thought :).


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