Act of Kindness

Today I had to make a Target run on my lunch break to get a few things we forgot to get over the weekend. Immediately after walking in I realize that going by myself was probably a bad idea. Since Easter is now over, they were setting up their Mother’s Day cards. One more reminder of how different this year is going to be compared to what I had envisioned.

Anyway, after several more tear filled moments I get to the register and the cashier hands me a gift card explaining that a lady in line in front of me had purchased four gift cards for the people in line behind her. Today would have been her husband’s 30th birthday and she wanted to do something to honor him. Well of course I immediately start to cry. I explained to the cashier that I had just had my 30th birthday on Friday and that we had just lost our son a month ago and that it was just so touching to receive this random act of kindness. While to some a $10 gift card might not seem like much, to me, in that moment, it was a confirmation that even when you lose someone you love their legacy can live on and you can find amazing ways to honor them. It was a reassurance that you can eventually find a place of peace beyond the deep sea of grief that I’m currently sinking in.

Patrick and I have talked about how we want to still buy a toy or clothes for Josh at Christmas and his birthday and donate them to a children’s hospital or something. I just like the idea of honoring Josh by helping others. His life was short, but I’m going to make sure it leaves a big impression on the hearts of others. He’s not here to make his name famous, so I will just have to do that for him.

I’m saying a special prayer tonight for that woman who so thoughtfully gave today. May God grant her peace as she honors her husband and celebrates his birthday today without him.

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