Our Own Angel

So today while Patrick was trying to scrape snow off of the car so we could get out for a bit, he removed his glove and his wedding band fell off and into the snow. After much searching, praying, and freaking out (not the best week for this to happen), I got the idea to go get one of my cheap rings that was about the same weight to drop and see where it might land. Well Patrick dropped it where he thought he was standing and of course it just fell straight down. After a little more searching and praying I took the ring and just randomly dropped it into the snow next to the car. The ring didn’t go very far down, and when I reached down to get it it was laying directly on top of Patrick’s ring. I immediately felt like Josh had a hand in that little miracle. It’s nice to think that our angel boy is looking out for us. Just had to share my moment of joy in the midst of the pain for today.

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