A New Normal

We are finally getting to leave the hospital this morning. As happy as I am to get home I am not ready to get back to this new normal. Your thoughts and prayers over this past week have meant the world to us and we will continue to need them desperately as we start down a very difficult and long road to healing. Please continue to pray that God will grant us strength for the dark days, peace for the restless nights, and an understanding and hope for the future. We love are sweet little angel boy more than words would ever be able to express and we are trying to seek comfort knowing that he resting in the ever loving arms of our Jesus and that our family and friends who have gone before us are able to hold him and teach him all that we aren’t able too. We would give anything to turn back the clock on this week and redo so many different things, but in the end we know that this is our time to mourn and grieve. We ask that you please forgive us of our absence from both Facebook and the real world for a while as we begin to process. In time I want to explain everything that happened as I know you all love and care about us and many of you are seeking answers as well. We love you all and we will continue to covet your prayers.

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