Painted House

After nearly 10 months of staring at the insanely ugly old wallpaper, we are FINALLY doing something about it.  In a big way.


And that’s not all of it.  I have to say that I am so much more excited about this than Patrick is.  He’s just ready to have me stop complaining that the wallpaper is ugly and I want to paint.  We purchased the house from an elderly lady and while most of the house was very well maintained…I can’t say that we share the same taste in decor.  It would appear that the house was decorated around the 60s or 70s and pretty much never changed.  Umm…yeah, not my style.  The best (read: worst) is the bathroom in our bedroom that boasts this really wonderful (read: hideous) plastic aqua tile.  It is paired oh so wonderfully (read: atrociously) with a floral wall paper and mismatched boarder.  I’m not sure how or when that could have ever seemed like a good design.  

Since we closed on the house only one week before the wedding (seriously NEVER do this) we didn’t exactly have time to paint before we moved in.  And well frankly we’ve been too busy being newlyweds that we never took the time to fix everything up the way we (mainly I) wanted.  

So now this is what is happening at our house. 


It obviously is no where near close to a finished job.  It will most certainly be needing two coats, but I’m starting to see what it will look like when it’s done and oh my goodness the difference.  I’m excited.  I’ll be sure and post before and after pics when we are done.  For now the poorly lit iPhone pics will have to suffice.

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