Pretty Plates

So like most things I’ve made recently, I first saw this idea on Pinterest.  Here’s what I did.

Items needed: some pretty & super cheap glass bowls, plates, and wine glasses/goblets; some type of glue, I recommend E-6000 epoxy; some spray paint in any color you like, and you will also want to get a can of clear gloss sealer.

First step: Find a well ventilated area to spray your dishes.  I used the open garage and laid down some scraps of cardboard to protect the floor.

Second step:   Lay the plates, bowls, and glasses out upside down.  You don’t want spray paint to be on the top of the plate or the inside of the bowl as it isn’t very “food safe.” Spray the glass dishes making sure to use clean even strokes and watching out for any drips.  Let dry.

Third step: Seal with a clear gloss spray.  Let dry.

Fourth step: Place a good bit of the epoxy glue in the center of the plate or bowl (on the underside), and center your glass in the middle and press into the glue.  You may need to stack a heavy book on top to make sure everything sets together good.  Follow the instructions on the glue, but I usually let mine dry at least 24 hours before I move it.

Final step: Step back and admire your handy work.  You now have a very cute way to display some yummy snacks at your next party.

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