Cry Ophelia

Several years ago, I read Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher. Great book, highly recommended, very informative and interesting read. Anyway, the other day I picked up Sara Shandler’s answer to Pipher’s book, titled Ophelia Speaks. Again, what an amazing book. I’m reading these poems and stories written by these young girls and my heart breaks with each line. I continually see myself and my friends in the pages of this paperback. And I think what makes me saddest of all, is that I am realizing that many of the young girls that I lead in small group on Wednesday night are found on these pages as well. Another really interesting book is What I Wish You Knew. It is actually from the editors of American Girl, and where Ophelia Speaks offers up the words of older teens, What I Wish You Knew is a collection of letters from girls ages 10 to 14.

I think the thing that strikes me most about both books is that so much goes on that parents are just completely oblivious to. I mean I get that I suppose, because I did regrettable things that my mom never realized I was doing, but how do these parents, teachers, friends, family, not realize that these girls are cutting, starving themselves, stoned out of their minds, severely depressed…

Right now there is a young girl in my Wednesday night small group that has something going on. I’m not sure exactly what it is yet, but it is something big and something bad. Maybe that is why these books have me so riled up.

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