Hotel Song


I have dreams of orca whales and owls 
But I wake up in fear
You will never be my
You will never be my dear
Will never be my dear, dear friend
Dear dear friend, dear dear friend... 

Okay, so a while back I changed my site around a bit and I posted the lovely little banner that you now see above.  At that same time I told you all to guess what song those lyrics were swiped from…well no one knew.  So I’ll tell ya.  I am a lyrics person.  I love a song that has lyrics that make you think, make you cry, make you dream, make you simply want to do something…That being said, Regina Spektor’s lyrics make me want to take apart every single line and examine its meaning.  I love the way she plays with beats and sounds.  The stories she tells with her songs are so great and often completely unexpected.  I love the words of Samson (lyrics are below), but another of my favorites is Hotel Song.  That would be where the lyrics in my banner come from.  The words of that song are so unexpected and almost outrageous, but I love it.  I will not be posting the lyrics on this site, simply because like I said, some of the words are little outrageous and I’m sure would draw some interesting search traffic to the site.  Instead I’ll provide a link where you can go read them, because truly Regina Spektor is awesome. 

Lyrics to Hotel Song 

1 thought on “Hotel Song”

  1. hey, could you give me the meaning of this song?what is the fylosofie of this song? I really like ”hotel song” but its so weird, so could you explain?


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