If you did not watch Grey’s Anatomy on 2/15 do not read this post

Just finished watching Grey’s Anatomy and can I just say – Oh.My.Goodness!!!

Now, it is reasonable to assume that they are not going to kill Meredith Grey for the simple fact that she is basically the title character.  However, could they make us assume that they are a little more…I mean the poor girl was in the water for the first thirty minutes of the show and then she spent the last half completely blue.  It would seem that at the very least she will have suffered a little bit of brain damage – no oxygen for quite some time since that little girl was apparently mute and would never tell anyone that the nice doctor lady was thrown over the wall. 

However annoying it was to have another To Be Continued…episode, I must say it was great to see Denny and Bomb Squad Guy again – however this does not look good for Meredith (seeing dead people is never a good thing).  I’m sure Meredith will be given a choice stay in heaven with Denny and Bomb Squad Guy or go back to life at the hospital with Mr. Does he really love me McDreamy.  Of course she will choose McDreamy (I however would choose Denny and Bomb Squad Guy over McDreamy any day).  I wonder if Meredith is going to see other patients that have died…oh and her poor dog…Okay, I’m losing my thoughts now and I’m completely rambling – so that is it for now…

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves. 

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