Yeah – I Suck

So it seems that I have pretty much forgotten about this poor little site’o’mine.  Ehh, oh well.  Life goes on, and that seems to be the problem.  I have been busy (no excuse right?), and then when I go to write something it seems like it is too personal to expose to masses of the internet.  I always end up saying that I’ll write about it later, but I never do.  So yeah, I suck.  I know.  It is just becoming increasingly difficult to come up with anything interesting to write about on here after spending all day writing (for the paper and for personal projects).  I could rehash stories that I’m writing or write about writing, but honestly how interesting is that?  So instead I skip it, occasionally posting the lyrics of a song that made me think that day or some random note. 

Random note of the day: 

It snowed…again.  At the beginning of the winter season I went on and on about how much I loved the snow, blah, blah, blah…I take it back.  The snow – all of the enormous amounts of powdery white crap that we keep getting – yeah it’s getting old.

Oh, and Grey’s Anatomy last Thursday, OH MY GOODNESS!  I can not wait until this Thursday.  They’re not going to kill Meredith – I mean it’s Grey’s Anatomy. 

Okay, really that’s all I’ve got, well there is more, and maybe I’ll post again – maybe not.  Who knows.  I’m just not promising.  

Oh and just in case I don’t post tomorrow – Happy Valentine’s Day!  

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