Ice Ice Baby*

Kansas City has had an unseasonably warm winter – thus far.  I realize that.  Even though every time I have stepped outside I have whined that it is too frickin’ cold – I do realize that it is actually not that cold comparatively speaking.

Today, however, it is cold…and there is ice.  Snow I love – the ice not so much.

I really want to go to the movies, but icy roads and crazy Kansas Citian drivers on icy roads scare me way too much to even allow me to think that driving to the theater is a good idea.

So now instead I will stay inside where it is warm, text messaging friends, drinking hot chocolate (that sounds kinda good), and possibly attempting to do the fifty-eight loads of laundry that I have been procrastinating about all week long – see why I wanted to go to a movie?

*Forgive me for the Vanilla Ice reference.  I was only in about the third or fourth grade when that song was popular – and to an eight year old it was pretty darn catchy.

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