don’t bug me i’m in a mood

sometimes i feel like screaming into the air, like throwing punches or pillows, sometimes i just want to forget about everything i know is right and proper and just let go…

i want to forget what i learned in sunday school and in my classes.  i just want to let it all go and fight against my better judgement for once.  i’m tired of being the sensible one.  i’m tired of being so reliable.  i’m tired of always being the one that everyone counts on.  i want to be reckless. 

even as i write this my conscience is telling me that i’m crazy.  i’ll never be the reckless one.  i can barely get through this paragraph without the grammar freak inside of me screaming to go back and capitalize my i’s and the beginning of my sentences.  yes, it’s this pathetic.  i can’t even write recklessly…  

don’t ask…


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