All but Abandoned

Okay, so I kind of forgot that I have this little blog that I am supposed to be updating from time to time. 

It just seems that the more I write (story – wise and articles for the paper – wise) the less enthused I feel about sitting down at the computer to write about what I’ve been doing (ie: writing).  Me writing about writing is really not that entertaining to read, thus I keep putting it off and putting it off until I seem to have all but abandoned the darn thing. 

Well, I will try to do better, but you should all know by now that I promise that often, and I very often break that promise.

So here is to 2007, may it be blessed with much love and joy for each of you, and may I finally figure out a subject that is entertaining enough to write about on this darn blog. 

1 thought on “All but Abandoned”

  1. I’m with you about finding something to write about.In fact, my last two entries have been song lyrics and a poem by another author.I figure it’s my blog, I’ll put something on whenever I please.Not that I want to abandon it. The Internet has brought many friends and some surprising insights.This is just a time when my mind is elsewhere and my hands are not typing.Right backatcha for the Blessings of 2007!


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