2006 in Review – Sorta

So the gifts all magically got finished in time, and the recipients showed much gratitude.  Christmas was nice.  It is always a bit different now that Grandma is not here, but it was a good Christmas – low-key and nice that way. 

It is almost the new year and I feel like I should have some grand thing to say about 2006.  I’m not sure I do, but I’ll try. 

In January, I started my final semester as an undergraduate.  I took way too many English classes and was thus swamped with far more books to read than humanly possible and far more papers to write than there were hours in the day to actually write them.  I also began tutoring through the ESL group at my church.  It was great.  I almost hit a deer.  My cousin had surgery.   I discovered Facebook.  I travelled to Colorado to clean out my dad’s house.  My sister went to the hospital.  I made a resolution to actually keep up with this site. 

 In February,

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