Five Days

I so knew that this whole “I’m going to make ‘things’ for Christmas gifts” idea would totally come back to bite me. 

 Five days!  I have five days left.  I am so freaking out.

2 thoughts on “Five Days”

  1. Yeah, the one thing I’m making should have been in the mail yesterday.I have one row of the border, plus the picot edge to do.Ah well, New Year it shall be.I did get something done which is not needed until Christmas Eve. I guess my project list is backwards or something.Don’t freak, really. I remember one time when my aunt showed me something still on the knitting needles. I never saw it again. Why? when it was done, she gave it to a cousin.The next year, I got a beautiful knitted hat–for my birthday–in June.Holiday stress = too much added pressure. Relax, breathe.Love your family, whenever and however.


  2. It doesn’t even feel like Christmas to me, and there’s only four days until Christmas Day.I never make my gifts, partly because I know this will happen to me, and partly because I know my friends/family will appreciate something I haven’t made.I make the cards and take the photos :)Good luck and merry christmas, Ally x


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