No Really I Have an Excuse

I’m really not ignoring the site. I’ve just been a little busy and a little bit on the sick side. I’m really not loving how the cold weather makes me feel just so blah & yucky.

I of course have all of my usual excuses as well; busy with work, trying to meet deadlines, family and friends that seem to actually want to see me (go figure), and just a general lack of anything interesting to say.

I would say that these should all suffice, but I just spent the last month ignoring all of those excuses and finding a way to post every single day regardless, so basically I’ll just stick with the “I’ve been sick” excuse and leave it at that.

I’ll write something of actual merit soon. That’s a promise (of course that is just something I say).

1 thought on “No Really I Have an Excuse”

  1. Work deadlines can get anybody down. As a new college grad, you’ll see plenty of them.The blue sky is so pretty to look at. Too bad we don’t see enough of it because of the shorter winter days.Seasonal sadness is medically proven, so it’s good you are lookng up to see the better view.


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