I'm Sure There is a Metaphor in Here Somewhere

I watched Titanic last night. It was on television, and somehow I couldn’t resist the temptation to just sit and watch. I believe I was around fourteen/fifteen when the movie was in theatres. I remember going to see it twice in the theatre with a best friend that I no longer speak to, and watching it while curled up on the couch with two different boyfriends. Watching that ship sink last night I realized how far I’ve come since I last watched Rose and Jack try to cling to a sinking ship.

There is so much from my past that I wish I could just forget. I wish I could just put them on a boat and watch them sink to the bottom of the ocean, but every once in awhile I’ll catch a memory, a sound – a smell, a moment will take me back in time – back to days that I would just rather keep hidden away.

But last night, I watched the movie, a movie that I knew would bring up memories that were hidden, and I smiled. I was able to remember the past without regretting mistakes that were made, hearts that were broken, and words that were left unsaid. I was able to watch the movie, and enjoy it and the memories that came along the way.

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