Things to Ponder & Other Random Thoughts

  • What/Who is meaner and pushier than a woman Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving? No really, I’m wondering.

  • How/Why on earth would someone go stand in line at 4:00 this morning to save five frickin’ dollars? The stuff was on sale all day. There will be other sales. What is the point of the 4:00 am line and the 5:00 am opening times? Again, I really am wondering.

  • What is a good thing to do with mass amounts of leftover turkey? Anyone have any great recipes?

Thanksgiving was good, but now it officially time to start thinking about Christmas. Presents need to be bought, the tree needs to be decorated, lights need to be strung, parties need to be attended, and cookies need to be baked.

I’m glad this blogging everyday project is almost over. I can soon return to my random posts. I can skip one day or twelve, and not feel too bad. It will be nice. My writing will be better once this thing is done too. I just have been very rushed this month, and have yet to sit down and really think about anything long enough to write anything terribly interesting or even coherent (as you can tell from this post). It will get back to normal soon – I hope – and by normal I think I mean it will be better – but I suppose you all are the judge of that.

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