Moral Dilemma

Every time election time rolls around I seem to come face to face with somewhat of a moral dilemma.. .

See, as a Christian, I was raised to believe that certain things were and are undeniably wrong – no questions asked.  However, as I grew-up in a public school and university, I took a great interest in learning more – asking those questions that I was told not to ask in church.  So, now I consider myself to be a pretty open minded person, but this is where I run into my problem.

– How can I be pro-life and yet think that stem-cell research is something we need to explore?
– How can I be a Christian and yet think that everyone straight and gay both have the right to love whomever they want – that it is not for me to judge?
– How can I be a Christian and often times vote democrat?
– How can I be open-minded while keeping my conservative values?

It always feels like I’m torn on issues because in many ways I’m still very conservative in my values and yet at the same time I have seen and learned too much to be so naive as to believe that every issue is black and white.  There are so many grey areas…

Regardless of where you stand what really matters is that tomorrow you go out and let your voice be heard.   


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