Life is Good

I never really talk much about my job, other than to simply say I’m loving it, hating it, or it’s keeping me extremely busy. Well, right now I’m really loving it. On Monday, my boss called me about possibly expanding my position with the paper. I’m so excited.

Basically, right now, I write articles for them, and handle their website. Occasionally I do a bit of editing. Well, now I will doing a lot more writing, a lot more editing, and also overseeing some of the actual layout and production of the paper. Yea! This is a really big deal for someone straight out of college. My boss says I have had really great ideas and seem to really know what I’m doing, and he would like to see what I can really do. Yea!

I would still be handling their website as well, and the really cool thing is that we are currently expanding our paper. Their will be two web sites – two different papers, so this is why he is wanting to bring me in, and show me how things work. I’m terribly excited. I know I can do it – I’ve just been waiting for the chance.

I love that I’ll be writing and editing more. This is what really excites me the most. Anyway, I’m just really happy. Life is good.

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