My Protest Song, err, Post

So did anyone watch SNL Saturday night?  Did you see Hugh Laurie sing his protest song

I think this song is perfect. No really, I do, and here’s why.  We can sit here and complain all day about the way this world is, and honestly I don’t know of anyone Republican, Democrat, or what have you that does anything but complain about the war, the nation’s security, the education system, taxes, economic deficit, the environment, human rights, stem cell research, abortion, the right to life, the sanctity of marriage, gay rights, etc, etc, etc.  We all have our issues that will make us stand up and shout from our living room soap boxes, but then what do we do?  How many of us then continue to sit back and wait for the world to change?

I think a lot of will sadly admit that we don’t do anything, or that we don’t do enough.  There are many reasons for this.  Time, money, effort.  A lot of it is that we simply don’t know what to do.  How do you get involved in something that is truly going to help change the world?  I’m not sure I have the answer. 

I know what I do.  I write about what I believe for my local paper.  I let my voice be heard.  I talk to people.  I listen to the other side of the story often, and from time to time I’ve shifted my views, because I’ve found truth in what I’ve heard.  I keep an open mind.  I vote.  Every election.  President down to school board.  I read about each candidate and each issue, and I vote and I know who and what I am voting for – it’s about more than just Republican vs. Democrat to me.  I do little things too.  Volunteering.  Sometimes changing the world doesn’t happen on a large scale, but through simple little acts of kindness.  Volunteer at a local school through a youth program, read books at your local library, visit those in nursing homes and hospitals, or even hold a door open for someone once in awhile.  Good deeds seem to multiply, and I think everyone would agree that we could use some more good deeds in this world.

So, how do you change the world? 

1 thought on “My Protest Song, err, Post”

  1. I completely understand. I find myself shouting at the television all the time about worldly issues. Yet, no I do not vote because I do not believe it makes a difference. I do however, do little things. For instance, I do the Christmas in a shoe box gift for overseas kids. My mother-in-law introduced it to me and it may not seem like I’m making a huge difference, but the child who gets the shoe box full of little gifts and everyday items thinks differently. You sound like a wonderful person. If only we all have your ambition. :)


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