Random Questions I’ve been Pondering

Have you ever done something, and then years later wondered if you made the right decision?  I know you have.  Everyone has – something simple, something big – we all wonder if our choices are the right ones. 

Have you ever come face to face with what your life might have been like if you had taken the other path?  

Can you ever really get over a past love without first finding a new one, and if this is the case then do we ever truly get over someone we once loved or do we simply numb the pain of the loss with a new one?


Answers will come soon… 


5 thoughts on “Random Questions I’ve been Pondering”

  1. I think you can get over someone. It’s like someone’s death, too. It’ll hurt like Hell at first but gradually you’ll slowly start to realize "Hey. I have to get over this". And so you do.Humans are funny that way.


  2. I thought I would never get over a past love; a relationship I’ve completely ruined all by myself. Sometimes I really regret what I have done, and wonder, like you, what would happen if I had gone the other path(s). But then I realise that we only live once, the past is the past, we die whether we’re happy or indulge in sadness. There’re always many ways of looking at things, so I’ve decided to live the happier way. Although I can’t say this has nothing to do with the personality I’m born with. :)


  3. Yes. Yes. Yes.3 1/2 years ago we should have said YES to the relocation they offered first instead of believing them when they said the ‘next’ relocated to place we really wanted to go was a 98% sure thing. We just should have taken the first offer.The other fell through.Huge regret on my part. And yes… life would be different.


  4. Ok… so I realize that wasn’t about ‘first’ love. But really, had I taken the path that involved past loves I’d probably be divorced by now. Truly.


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