I love Autumn! I know I’ve said this before, but seriously – the colors of Autumn are just so beautiful. I love that the weather is now cool enough for sweaters and scarfs – it makes me want to knit. I love the colors of the leaves – it makes me want to take more photos. I love the nostalgia that comes in with the fall – it makes me want to write.

There is just something about Autumn. The smell of fireplaces burning and cinnamon. I love all of the festivals and football games. Where I live, Autumn means Red Fridays and cheering for the Chiefs on Sunday. It means going out to your old High School Alma Mater on a Friday Night, cheering on the football team, and catching up with old friends.

Autumn is about a change, moving forward in time, but really for most of us it is about looking back on where we came from and giving thanks for what we have. Autumn brings Halloween and Thanksgiving – candy apples and pumpkin pie.

I love Autumn in my town. The trees are beautiful. The apple orchards are full. There is fresh apple cider, apple butter, apple cider doughnuts, and everything else apple. There are hayrides to attend with bonfires to keep warm.  Ohh, and pumpkin patches too.

Can you all tell that I like Autumn?




The old oak is nearly bare now;
orange and red leaves shroud the ground.

The squirrels crushing and crunching
the technicolor leaves,
dancing among the piles of swirling
red, orange, gold, and brown.

We let the fireplace consume us.
We sit; we wait.

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