Much to Say

Currently, I have a lot that I want to say, but right now I lack the time to say it properly.  There are three articles that I am trying to write, two stories that I am trying to start, three volunteer opportunities that I’m desperately trying to find time for, one job I’m loving, one I’m quitting, and one I’m trying to start, and a life that seems keep on going even though I’m telling it to slow down.  Despite all of this all I want to do right now is go sit on my back porch swing, with a cup of coffee, a sweater, and a book

2 thoughts on “Much to Say”

  1. Gee you lead a hectic life! But I guess at times, life does get hectic and there’s nothing you can do except to put your head down and get to work.


  2. Wow – you have completely summed up my entire situation, as well. I wish I had more time. And I want coffee (plus some chocolate!).It won’t always be this fast. :) Prioritize.Bekah-xxx-


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