I hate Pollen, but I like Studio 60*

My allergies are currently kicking my ass.  I seriously can not breath, and my head is very achy. 

Other than that, life is going good.  Grey’s Anatomy is tonight, and yeah, that is a good thing.  Bad thing is I won’t be home to watch it.  Oh well, thank goodness for TIVO, eh?

(Can you tell I don’t have much to say?) 

Let’s see, I watched the new show, Studio 60, and I like it, which often means that it will get cancelled.  I swear, every time I like a show they cancel it – I must have bad taste in television.  So, what other new shows are good?  Anything?  It seems that everything I watched last year is gone (except Grey’s Anatomy and Gilmore Girls).  What show do you all think deserves a chance at a full season, and what should be canceled immediately?

*Tying it all together you see. 

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