The Black Dahlia

So, I’m watching the Emmy Awards.  I’m watching them even though I find them boring.  I always find awards shows boring.  Though I did find it quite sad to see Dick Clark still struggling so much after his stroke, and the Aaron Spelling tribute and the In Memoriam segment made me a bit sad.  Those things always get me.


On a completely different note, I saw a preview for the movie The Black Dahlia.  Which looked just creepy enough that I had to look it up online.  It is apparently the story of the horribly gruesome murder of Elizabeth Short.  Elizabeth was murdered in a most horrific way in 1947, and the case was never solved despite there being twenty-two suspects investigated.  I’m not much for graphic movies, but this movie seems like it might be interesting.  The story is so sad, scary, and tragically fascinating – hopefully that can be translated onto the screen.

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