Good Thoughts Requested

My twelve year old niece has staph infection…

Wednesday, she went in for her tetanus booster and came out with the expected stiff and sore arm.  Yesterday, I was over at her house, and she was complaining about how bad her arm was hurting her.  I recalled my tetanus booster, and remembered that my arm ached for over a week, so her complaints seemed normal.  

Last night, her arm had a small red spot around the area of the shot.  Her dad drew a circle around it, and they all went to bed.  This morning the red spot was outside of the circle.  They took her back to the doctor, and it was determined that she has a staph infection.  

I just got off the phone with her, and she about made me cry.  She said everything hurts – her arm, her neck, her back, her head…  She just feels lousy.  

This is her last week of summer, and this is definitely not how she had planned on spending it.

She would sure appreciate any extra prayers or good thoughts you might have lying around. 

3 thoughts on “Good Thoughts Requested”

  1. Well, my goodness!Staph lives on the skin pretty much all the time, but to have one in the area of a recent injection raises big concerns.Wasn’t the cleansing swab adequate?Is it the same doctor/nurse in the office? and if so, raise the awareness that training might be lax.When my youngest son fell on his bicycle and his hand was a bloddy mess, I took him to the walk-in clinic.I watched the medical assistant set up the tray for the doctor to do the stitches, and counted 3 times when sterile field procedure was broken. I grabbed her wrist and told her to get a new tray. She complained to the doctor. I told him what I had seen, and if we didn’t get a new tray, I would be going to the ER.Later, I overheard a couple other workers talking about that assistant, but saying this was the first time a patient had anything clear to say.Sorry, I guess my LPN training might be 30 years old, but a staph infection is nothing to shrug about. It’s what Jim Henson of Muppet fame was diagnosed with, after the fact.


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