The Family of the Sun*


I am sad that Pluto will no longer be considered one of the planets in our Solar System.  I’m not sure why this makes me sad, but it just seems so wrong to demote a planet.  Now, there are several people that I would agree need to be demoted, but not poor, innocent Pluto.

I spent so many hours in elementary school memorizing the nine planets in perfect order.  I spent so much time in science classes painting Styrofoam balls and arranging them in the correct order – with Pluto perfectly placed at the end. 

Pluto was always my favorite.  Everyone else liked Saturn for it’s rings or Mars because they thought that’s where the aliens lived, but me, I liked Pluto.  I liked that it was different.  It was small, and it hung out in the back.  I liked that it didn’t follow the same path as the rest, but rather it did it’s own thing.  Plus, it always reminded me of Mickey Mouse’s pet dog of the same name. 

Besides all of that, what am supposed to do with the majorly intense lesson plan that I created in my creative activities class.  It was a Solar System lesson.  It was completely based around the idea that we have nine planets.  What a waste.

Keep shining Planet dwarf planet Pluto 


Yes, I realize this was a lame post, but I have nothing else to write about right now, so deal. 

*Oh, and the title of the post refers to a song that I used in the lesson plan that I created.  I didn’t write the song, but it is quite the cute way to help kids learn about the planets.  Though, I suppose it needs to be revised a bit now. 


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