Cleaning Freak

Over the weekend, I did one of my favorite things (no really I enjoy this) I cleaned out my room.  I took everything out of my closet, out of desk drawers, and off of shelves, and I sorted through what I still wanted, and what I wanted to put into storage or what could just go away (my very own Clean Sweep).

I’m a dork, I guess, because I sorta love doing this.  I like clearing out things I don’t use, and just having everything be perfectly organized.  I’m a bit of a clean freak at times.  Besides that aspect of it, I always love sorting through the things I have put away.  The notebooks with little bits of journaling, stories I’ve discarded half way through, poems that are too sappy for anyone but me to see, letters that I’ve written but never managed to send.  I have these tucked into note books and folders all over the place in my room.  As much as I am a clean freak, I am more a sentimentalist and a constant writer, and so what you often find in my room is twenty notebooks, hundreds of photographs stashed everywhere (desk, bulletin boards, dresser mirror), and inevitably every card I have received since the last time I went through my room.  All of these things have places that they belong, and this weekend they all found their respective homes. 

Well, (and here is where I finally get to my point) when I was going through my desk, I found some old computer disks that were labeled website.  I had to think for a moment what could possibly be on them, before I decided that the best way to find out was to simply put them in the computer.  On these disks were the remnants of my very old, very cute, very first website.  I can remember how I used to diligently code out the html and then save it to disk before uploading it to the ftp server.  I had worked so hard to have my site look just perfect.  This was back before "blog" was a word.  Then we just had websites.  My site had all kinds of stuff.  I had stories, poems, photos, wallpaper downloads, etc, and a journal that I wrote in nearly every day.  I started that website in 1997 and I stopped in 2002, because I got bored.

I guess my point is that right now this "blog" is starting to get boring to me (and to you too I’m sure), and that is why my posts seem dull and few and far between.  I’m going to try and add something else to the site.  Something like the stuff I used to do that made my old site fun for me.  So hang in there, and check back in with me in a few days.  I’m going to try and work out the kinks in a couple new ideas that I have, and we’ll see if that makes this site a little more intriguing.

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