Scaredy Dog

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Right now it is raining.  Actually, it is a full blown storm – thunder, lightening, wind – the whole bit. 

While I’m glad that it is raining, (my yard has been looking a little on the brown side) this means that my normally very quiet dog has gone completely berserk. 

She hates the rain.  She hates the thunder and lightening.  She will not be quiet.  She will not lay still. 

She has gone completely insane.  She is barking, and scratching at the bedroom doors.  She does this every time it rains. 

Is this normal dog behavior? Personally, I think the dog is a little on the crazy side.

2 thoughts on “Scaredy Dog”

  1. I have owned many dogs and been around many more. They are born hating thunderstorms or thinking they are no big deal. Most big dogs I’ve been around were afraid of them and almost no small dogs have shown any fear. There isn’t much you can do if they are afraid. They do seem to take more comfort in having other dogs around them than they do having people around them.


  2. actually, I’ve read it is because dogs feel pressure in their bodies from storms, and it makes them go absolutely bonkers. that’s why "they" (I assume scientific authorities) say that dogs are also good at predicting earthquake – same thing.


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