I’m a Great Aunt, no really

My brother-in-law was married once before he met my sister.  From that marriage he has a daughter and a son – both of whom are older than me, but yet (and this is the cute part) they call me Aunt.  I always thought it was funny when I was little.

I mean my sister and brother-in-law got married when I was seven, and suddenly I had these two older kids calling me Aunt.  We would joke around about how they had to listen to what I said, because I was their Aunt…

To this day, they still call me Aunt.  I still think it is funny.  I’m twenty-three.  My “step” niece / niece-in-law (I’m not sure how you say it) is twenty-six, and my “step” nephew / nephew-in-law is twenty-five.  It is all just weird.

Well today it got weirder.  My nephew (we’ll just leave it at that) and his wife had a baby girl this morning.  I’m now truly a Great Aunt.

8 thoughts on “I’m a Great Aunt, no really”

  1. Hey – ALL AUNTS ARE GREAT!!!I’m a proud aunt myself – I’m not going to push my nieces or nephew to have babies too soon, though. I’m not that great.Gorgeous blog!


  2. Congratulations! both to you and the new family.I know how you feel, though. My brother is only 5 years older than my oldest son. My mother always wanted my boys to call him Uncle, but the word did not feel right to them. Uncle was older than their dad!You should buy books _Beware of the Aunts_ by Pat Thomsonand _My Great Aunt Arizona_ by Gloria Houston for the new baby.


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